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    Rendering with lime?

    im doing a rendering job later on in the week, it on a side of a house I've all ways used 4:1 ration of sand and cement. I've been advised to do my next job with a 4:1:1 ratio of sand cement lime and I'm not quiet sure what the lime is if for and would it help me? I've been told it will make it...
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    Price square meter dot and dab

    I'm not sure how long it will take me they would like a price per square meter before I start?
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    Price square meter dot and dab

    hi I'm new to plastering and just been to look at a job in Darby where they want 5 rooms of there house all dot and dabbing and skimming and they want to know what my price is per square meter for dot and dab and what my price is for square meter of skimming any ideas what the current rate is?
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    Speedskim on sand and cement render

    hi does any body know if the new speedskim is any good for use on sand and cement renders or should I just stick with my darby and feather edge?
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    arrgghhh K REND! Advice needed!

    I had this happen last year,nightmare mate
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    Plasterer needs labourer NOTTINGHAM

    Hi, Established plasterer in Nottingham needs a labourer (possibly a school leaver?) for temp work over next 6 weeks with possibility of apprenticeship. Ideally you would have own vehicle but if not could be dropped off/ get to South Notts area (West Bridgford etc) Cheers
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    Plasterer needed to sub contract for established plasterer - Nottingham

    Hi, I am a plasterer form Nottingham but have too much work for me to handle at the moment. I have tried out a couple of lads but they have been messy / lazy /. didnt want the work! Just wondered if there are any plasterers on here who needed any work in (mostly south) Notts? Cheers
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    How much do apprentices earn per week? (midlands)

    That sounds like a good deal Spunky - do you know who hes doing that through? Cheers
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    How much do apprentices earn per week? (midlands)

    Hi Im looking to expand and take on an apprentice but just wondering what the going rate ids these days? I know when I did mine (about 10 years ago) I was paid about 120 a week.