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    Central London Project - 20,000 sq/ft

    They have no idea..when we drive I an start work in london the northerners are still out drinking t newcastle! Lol
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    Plasterers, Labourers and improvers for job near Reading ASAP

    You got a contact number?reading not far from me:-)...andy 07437016199
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    im home dear....

    Lol...couldnt find G** section anywhere!!nice to be back in "crazy"world of plastering..russian fella rang me other day for start in london...wouldnt say how much daywork how much price just simply come have look if no like price no do!!! i said week in hand? No he says..monthly!!i hung up! Lol
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    im home dear....

    Or teaching!lol
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    im home dear....

    After being away so long..hi to all you hairy arsed spreads out there!!going back to what i love doing..plastering!done couriering 7.5 driving but its b*ll***s!life of a plasterer cant beat(for now anyway!lol)
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    Nightmare Customers

    Done a job for an I****n bloke when it came to payment on a price we agreed .he said can we make it £100?(20 short)i said yeah fine but in future when i come in your shop t get me fags n paper can we"talk"about discount?!!he said fair point an just paid up!!!!lol
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    cant believe this

    We all moan about silliest things in life an forget the strength an heart an soul of the human being this young man:no medal will reflect what this fella done.the word hero is said so easily these days but with this young man even 'hero'falls way short.if it was one of mine what could you say to...
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    Per hour plastering jobs

    Any goverment in power from 60's wanted us to sign over to eu.every gov said they would give us vote once they were in.none did they wont ask british people cos they see as children an yo just shut the feck up an pay taxes.greece spain ireland an italy all cooked thier books to get cheap loans...
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    Thinking of site it worth it?

    Its only right shite money up north.south has subsoddamized north fo long enuf!lol
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    Labourer looking for work (southwest)

    Least you gave himva chance fair play mate .plus im sure he learnt alot even in 2weeks.
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    The Guild Of Master Craftsmen

    Dont know about that but i have a sneaky feeling they will accept you.
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    cooking like a chicken

    I always found on site work it seemed in summer windows were always in but in winter no fecking windows sure it was goverment ploy to kill us off!!
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    New start!!!

    do you think beader gets much work?fecked if id work with him cant take a joke lol !!!
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    New start!!!

    Dont think this young lad will be in monday as will be ******* all weekend!!best mate an girlfriend thinking he would never ask!!!lol as for instructer he will thank him!!!lol
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    cooking like a chicken

    I dont understand concept of connies?they put em up an then pay s**t loads o money on blinds to keep sun out??!they are so uncomfortable better to sit in if its raining wats up with front room!!!done alot of jobs where clients sell em an put up extentions instead!!lol