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  1. Getting creative

    Getting creative

    Back on the trowel ,,,with a marshal town flexi and plastic trowel (refina) also using spacs on poles now to ,,all different methods ,,,makes life easy for sure ;-)
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    Render and set ,,big ceilings to ,,,I’ve now learnt that spacs and poles are the way forward ,with plastic trowels to ,,,all new stuff,and I’ve got a flexi trowel now to ,,,beautiful marshal town 18 inches long :-)
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    Plasterer and a Baker ...

    Hello ,,,, I've been artisan baking for about 3 years now,,on and off,,and have learnt a lot ,,albeit I'm no head baker ,,,but I can bake a mean sourdough ,,and some cakes and pastries:-) However I do miss plasterering,,and am interested in more heritage and listed building stuff ,,no site...