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    Roughcast Ritmo

    I expected to get like for like when I replaced the float tube but just got one with red markings
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    Roughcast Ritmo

    There's no green increments on the back Tom. We had a new R/S on just for the Roughcast and it was a bit tight so machine would JAM. In the end,we mixed up in gorilla tubs and poured it into the hopper which worked well.
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    Roughcast Ritmo

    Not an area I'm experienced in to be honest as never been asked for it till now. I've a Ritmo m and gonna be pumping and then casting a Gable tomorrow. I've a new 10 mil cap and new R/S but my water bottle has the red increments, not the green,but has the green lightweight float?. Any pointers...
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    Next day rub

    To be fair G00 is a very light colour ,so shading issues should be minimal.
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    Any regular fassa users

    Flakes definitely work with Fassa. I have added half a builders bucket of flakes to a 220 barrel. On for 10 and barring for 1pm.
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    Cracked flow tube

    I know and the rubber washers were extra so don't throw em !!!!
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    Cracked flow tube

    Think they're about £70 though
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    Cracked flow tube

    What machine? Easy on a Ritmo
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    Cracked flow tube

    It happened to me when the inlet to the hopper was blocked.I didn't realise this at the time and turned the water right up putting too much pressure within the tube causing fissure cracks everywhere.
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    Basalt grey parex problem

    Yep,Parex colourwash.
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    Does this Render Job look right to you!

    Absolutely fine,it's wet from the rain!!!
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    New parex mpr

    Yeah big 35s,good stuff,sprays well too.
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    Ritmo grill

    Take it to a powder coating firm,they blast it and paint it for not a lot of money.
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    good to any one

    Only for thin coat really,could pump Mono but excruciatingly slow.
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    Render gun

    Huge towable compressor I think