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    Need some ideas...

    For my bedroom ceiling. Old lathe and lime plaster ceiling. Has to come down and be replaced. I need to replace it with a board which is as thin as possible. 9.5mm plasterboard is the thinnest I've used. Is there anything thinner available? Ideally 6mm or thinner...
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    I’ve dropped a Ball lock

    Dont know if it would work on a wall or not but if it was a floor I'd put another coat of primer on and throw sand at it whilst still wet so it sticks and gives a good rough surface to key onto. Or even mix some dry sand in with the primer before painting it on. As I say I'm floors not walls...
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    Out of date casting plaster.

    If you put a little bit if citric acid (lemonade) in your mixing water itll re***d the setting of plaster.
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    If you could change...

    Blimey that's harsh. Most I've ever come across was 90days...
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    If you could change...

    Traders would love it but it would cripple your cashflow especially if you haven't been paid up by the client...
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    Sticks like s**t

    I've used this in my shower to put corner beads and wall boards on. Also fixed a leaking water tank with it. Really good stuff and not that pricey either and yes it really does stick like ...
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    f**k**g sad sad day.

    He wasnt in freinds??
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    Tools left on unsecured site.

    I don't think I'd leave my tools on a secured site let alone one unsecured... I'm not sure the insurance would pay out if they were pinched either
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    Insulation question

    Apart from they are made in slightly different ways there is no appreciable difference. There are however different grades of each which offer greater or lesser insulation values
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    Retrofit UFH, screed questions

    Ts20 is about £230 per m3 readymixed nd delivered then cost of pump hire would be about £450. So materials and plant about £1000 plus your labour 2 blokes 1 day say £500 tops... bit for polythene membrane edging strip and tape maybe another £100. £3k sounds higher than readhmixed but not...
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    Retrofit UFH, screed questions

    I'd be interested in what sort of cost that involved. It would have needed around 1.2m3 of readymixed ts20 pumped screed. I would think this option would be cheaper by about 50% but not sure what sort of labour would be involved in the bagged system. Probably 2 guys for a day?..
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    Retrofit UFH, screed questions

    Sounds like you're sold on them so I'll say no more. Liquid screed would be the best and cheapest way to level the floor and then top the trays though.
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    Retrofit UFH, screed questions

    Have you already bought trays
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    Retrofit UFH, screed questions

    Why do you need it snoker table flat first.... put any insulation down you need, put your pipes down then screed it to varying depths. I think your over thinking it without wishing to be rude. If you need someone to do it five Andy owen of TASC holdings a call. Tell him Alan Jackson suggested...
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    Retrofit UFH, screed questions

    If it's quite a few square meters it would pay you to look at pumped liquid screed. Gypsol ts20 would be suitable for this application. This would need to be 20mm minimum depth.