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    Using an Eze 24 for S&C render

    Cheers guys I guess you have to have one and just try it out and get the hang of them. I can see it as a great addition to the tanking services I carry out and spraying the tanking on also. Do you clean out every couple of hours? Probably be running SBR through it too so I am guessing every...
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    Using an Eze 24 for S&C render

    If I get one I will get some 4mm mesh and screen it before I put it through the machine, was thinking plenty of feb and slightly wetter. All I wanted to know really is will the machine handle it and also how many metres would you get done in say 8 hours?
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    Using an Eze 24 for S&C render

    Would it be better to mix it yourself? I can batch mix myself and just make sure its wet enough and has plastersizer in it
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    Using an Eze 24 for S&C render

    I just want something that I can get in places that is compact enough. Like I said its for a few jobs a year so I can speed things up. for internal work only really. I will have a mesh so I can pre screen out any lumps before it enters the machine.
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    Using an Eze 24 for S&C render

    Not looking for something that costs big money for maybe 12 jobs a year. Is the ritmo much more expensive?
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    Using an Eze 24 for S&C render

    Usually use a 4 to 1 mix I would probably wet it down to be fair before its put into the machine. Don't mind doing 2 passes at a lower thickness than one pass and its too stiff.
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    Using an Eze 24 for S&C render

    Yeah the wagon drops it off in tubs. just throw it on the wall basically no mixing
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    Using an Eze 24 for S&C render

    I use ready mixed mortars so no worries about mixing I get it delivered
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    Using an Eze 24 for S&C render

    Hi lads Just wondering if anyone has used a eze24 with S&C render, looking to use a machine for basecoats and spraying tanking coats. Don't want to go down the big money route as its only for a few jobs a year. Something compact too, that's why I thought the EZE 24. Anyone got any ideas or is...
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    Eze mix, Eze24 compressor etc FOR SALE

    Is it any good for S&C ? looking for a machine for base coating basements. I was thinking of something like this as its compact. Guessing the render needs to be a bit wetter.
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    Where its green algae is telling you that water is sitting there, you need to make sure the water runs off and doesn't sit at the bottom of the frame soaking into the masonry.
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    Damp Job sovereign recommend

    That looks more like condensation to me lol, I have saved customers about £40k this year because of arseholes without a clue round my way lol. Tanking condensation, embarrassing at times to be in the same trade lol. If you have not got a clue why be doing the work?
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    Cold spots.

    You are suffering from high humidity probably, that is why the dabs are probably showing up and you have some black spot mould. Ventilate more and put your heating on also more. Is the loft insulated ? and how thick
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    His the house insulated and what is the ventilation and heating systems are like?
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    looking for Damp Proof Plasterers (Nationwide)

    What's the money like? and where is the work ? Do you have any vacancies for surveyors ?