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Want to learn to make fibrous cornice!

Discussion in 'Fibrous Plastering Discussions' started by GT Cornicer, May 6, 2017.

  1. GT Cornicer

    GT Cornicer New Member

    Hi all
    I have been fitting fibrous cornice for the last 16 years in Sussex ( i live in worthing West Sussex) Surrey, Hampshire, Kent and London. I am getting more work now as i help out a firm i used to work for atm, but the trouble is getting decent cornice. Some are made too thin and some were made on a wobbly table ( mould changes throughout the 3 metres) So i would like to learn how to make cornice and do some for myself. I know it can be made better as i have fitted some from 2 companies which made the job so much easier and more importantly a good finish
    The trouble is there are no courses that teach this now so if anyone knows someone willing to teach me, for money of course, then please let me know.
  2. flynnyman

    flynnyman Private Member

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  3. Maester

    Maester Active Member

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  4. Danny

    Danny TPF OWNER

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  5. mikeadams1985

    mikeadams1985 Private Member

    Hi there GT, im up in liverpool so probably to far for you to travel?
    but if not im sure i can show you a few things depending on what you want to learn and your time frame available etc.
    its not something you will learn in a week. You can learn to cast easily in a week but to make cornice from scratch etc is alot longer.
    if your on Facebook/instagram add me on there
    Adams plaster mouldings LTD
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  6. bopper

    bopper Active Member

    Hi mike ,if your willing am up for a little advice myself ,am local to you .
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  7. mikeadams1985

    mikeadams1985 Private Member

    Happy to help fella.
    Were about are you?
    if you find me on facebook message me.
    adams plaster mouldings ltd
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  8. bopper

    bopper Active Member

    Thank you mike am just in between houses at the mo originally from allerton but staying in Everton for a while,were are you based?
  9. mikeadams1985

    mikeadams1985 Private Member

    Workshop is in bootle,
    i was living in allerton but now in netherley
  10. Ronnie

    Ronnie Active Member

  11. bopper

    bopper Active Member

    I'll find your workshop ,am I ok to pop down on a quiet hour?
    I know of one shop by the bypass leading to the docks by the iron bridge I think it regency anywhere near there?
  12. mikeadams1985

    mikeadams1985 Private Member

    Regency is round the corner.
    Your welcome to pop round anytime fella.
    just shoot me a text and see if i'm about, I know Tommorrow and next week im in the workshop. Dedicated a week to try and reorganise the place.
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  13. bopper

    bopper Active Member

    Cheers buddy I'll give you a bell next week (y)
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