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Smooth render with silver sand

Discussion in 'Video Tutorials On How To Use The Plasterers Forum' started by m.harper, May 10, 2017.

  1. m.harper

    m.harper New Member

    Hi people

    The builder who is incharge of the job as requested a smooth finish over brick.. He's got snowcrete with silver sand for top coat finish.. I won't have went down this route myself but he wants it. What's the best ratio for this? 5 sand 1 snowcrete an 1 lime? As heard the line helps it bind? With free flow or plastizier. I've roughcasted with it but never floated up with it. Any tips or should I not do it ha! Thanks
  2. Marshy

    Marshy Private Member

    Best ratio is to get back in the van fire it up and tool it down the road !!
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  3. bopper

    bopper Active Member

    We used something similar once in Ireland,it wasint silver sand tho everything was to achieve a white finish...... never done it before then or after!!
  4. m.harper

    m.harper New Member

    Wasn't my first choice.. All I use is enewall up here in Scotland nowadays.. So when the guy said silver sand an snowcrete.. i wasn't to happy going back to the olden days .. An if it looks s**t it's on me. So might rubber it eh
  5. vfr12

    vfr12 Private Member

    What's your background like- strength? Are you aware that snowcrete has stronger final finish than portland? Silver sand and builders are too fine for render, at least for me.
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  6. flynnyman

    flynnyman Private Member

  7. m.harper

    m.harper New Member

    It's on brick. Yeah I read this ..your ment to make your mix higher for both coats. Really can't be bothered with a nightmare of a job. Building sand goes white anyway with snowcrete.. Silver sands s**t to work with.
  8. m.harper

    m.harper New Member

    I've used builders sand a lot but it's getting harder to get good stuff nowadays.. Seems to be very gritty. Few years back it was great to float up.
  9. vfr12

    vfr12 Private Member

    Here is the catch - silver sand is the cleanest and snowcrete is the strongest. You can make the math .
  10. m.harper

    m.harper New Member

    I'm s**t at math ha! What's the answer
  11. Cockney1

    Cockney1 Active Member

    Marshy gave you the best answer!
  12. m.harper

    m.harper New Member

    I know.. Other guys say it's a dream.. Last time I used to wet dash.. It was a mare. But never floated.

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