Your Vans and what you drive

All this chatter of vans and what people use for their plastering business. Lets see pics of them.. inside and outside.. I have 5 mugs left after my last print run so I will give them out... dont be afraid :D


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Fiat ducato


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Here mine.
Citroen dispatch.

Had done since I got at the end of March....

New head gasket, refurbed injectors. Refurbed fuel pump. New crankshaft + pulley.
Got a bargain I reckon?!?!
It has eco friendly (when it rains) cabin paddling pool and automatic folding wing mirrors if you go over 50, safety feature!!!
And to top it off, my Mrs snapped off the front roof bar parking it the other day!!!


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drive one of these, not actually my one, couldnt be arsed taking a pic !. plenty of room for boards, stick a ton bag of sand in the back too. Its abit like Triggers famous sweeping brush though!


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No yours is betterer than mine you can carry more :D
All the extra weight is taken up by the mass of brewing supplies,tea,sugar,milk and biscuits?the kettle and a reserve kettle just incase,a camping stove and a microwave(sometimes);) all carried in a big tub bigger than my toolbox:ROFLMAO: