Your best Job Of 2018

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Artex Boy
Since passing my course a few weeks back this is my biggest accomplishment! I put a ceiling on in room next door and was feeling super confident.. and ventured into this room.. chases everywhere holes in walls so scary but before i new it , i had the lot on plus ceiling in other room. Wet angles everywhere ahhhh scary stuff. How do you pros do it!!????



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Conny roofs . I can’t sleep the night before when I have one of these to do . They honestly make me feel like packing the job in.
Looks a great job to do that 1



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I'm with @JessThePlasterer (not in the biblical sense!) for 2018. BIG changes for 2019 across the whole 'what, where, when, how, who' range.

There's generally way too much hassle involved at the moment for my liking.

I'd say the best job this year is the one we're on now.