You are ALL doing it wrong

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Its all in the wrist.... I like his straight edge.... sorry i mean STAFF.........:RpS_blushing:.. Looks a right F*** on!!!!!!!!!
This has been on here before and as i said the first time other than countries which evolved from the British empire and were taught our ways rightly or wrongly this is how most of the world do it and it works for them not sure why a Scotsman is using this method though.
sound aint working on my laptop, didnt know this numpty was a scot, wait till a see him, i will slap him and tell him to get a hold of himself, might even give um a lesson the fool.
Picture 1534.jpg

Then ......way before pots and pans .........way way back.....we threw it on,
You need to smell it first....this was us repairing daub panels in the Hilden Manor Tonbridge. about 8 years ago. Final ingredient :- cow s**t.
No thats not me, Im on the other end of the camera. Thats a guy who served with us for about 4 years. He left to go on his own.I think he is scaffolding now.

Perhaps the daubing troubled him some what.
The guy speaking in that video is not scottish, and that certainly aint harling if anything he's "scudding" of sorts!
pmsl i wonder if he got a telling off from the council for the shite he left on the road
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