World cup.

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panama lol !!
i think the germans will pin the ball around the field and win.
no country seems to stand out.
my uncle paddy thinks belgium....but then again he would !!
I've got a feeling it might not be Saudi Arabia :rebotando:


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Have to say it has been a bit of a non event this year.... seems like no one is interested
In my case it’s coz there’s no characters in the England team........or any other for that matter.........overpaid, over privileged, over rated and in many case talentless tosspots........I’ll bet the England team haven’t fully unpacked, well, why would they?.....they’ll be back on the plane soon enough.


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Spain or Germany for me, Germany though there masters at tournament football, plus any team that can leave Leroy sane, one of the best players in the league last year out of there squad, must be doing something right
Maybe Uruguay or Columbia to do well maybe one of them to make final.


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Apparently In every tournament they enter, Germany book the hotel for the final as there that confident of reaching it, the only team in world football that does it.


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Brazil or maybe argentina. Tbh i dont know south american sides rarely win in Europe, so f**k knows, european team, france or germany, Spain looked solid in run up, of they recover having no manager they will be in the mix. Cant see portugal do much


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Wise man! I reckon I would of done the same in your boots. Well done mate! Good bet that!

nice one . its a simple calculation of which would be more annoying. Having £280 when could have been £350 or having £0 when had guaranteed £280 off a fiver

plus with how this world cups been with last min goals