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I hate wearing boots, bought a pair a few months ago for a job we had on a railway line and the f**k**s crippled me after about an hour, I usually wear trainers but they don't last long doing externals - cement just eats away at them so I'm up for getting a pair of comfy boots.

What boots you lads wearing?


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helps if i send the pic. [emoji85]

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Just buy cheap riggers / trainers from factory shop £20-£25 and wear them till they fall apart usually last six month to a year.

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Screwfix dewalt boots. Wear trainers when skimming but wear the dewalt when doing other work, esp stone. Not bad price for them either.
Always where work trainers when doing anything like that now as having a nail go through a trainer hurts like hell

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Cheers lads few good ideas there. Costco had those dewalt boots on offer a few weeks ago should've grabbed a pair. going through nike airmax at a serious rate so i'll be buying something this week.


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I usually wear these most nights there great on the cold nights as they cover most my legs and they provide me with that extra few inches we all need.

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Dewalt riggers last longest but are b******s to get off and the lining starts
to pull out, Apache are the most comfortable .The £25 riggers last couple
of months and collect wood chips down the neck but are dead easy to kick
off to go inside.


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Dickies do a decent boot with a zip down the side so handy on domestics. Winter I wear Bogs wellies steel toe and keep your feet dry and warm up to -40 degrees


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I always see dealer/Chelsea boots as a bit pikey or Tommy Walsh esq myself dewalts all day long although I do like trainers at work but boots look more professional on domestics


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If your doing external renders day in day out most of the boots mentioned here wont last 5 mins.
Jallatte are the most comfy i have had by far but still short life. Had dewalt tungsten riggers last a fair while but the first month was pure pain.