Who has tradepapers ie time served and who have a green cscs card


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I have a penalty charge notice, a missing cat flyer and a restraining order.

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kebab king

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I haven’t. Don’t mean Jack s**t in my Opinion. Been round after many time served Qualifed Plasterers putting there s**t right. Not saying everyone is like that. But. Some non qualified people are just as good.
Part of it is the want to do it.


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I always like to meet time served tradesmen (not like that! :D)

Often grumpy f**k**s, but have got the T shirt and plenty of advice and stories.

Then there are the ones that are full of bad advice and preach s**t that you know is wrong, but they've got years on you in the game...so you just go quiet!


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Get my papers delivered every day except Christmas and New Years day, paper boy must be taking the piss on those days :rolleyes:


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Wrapping paper ...(see what I did there ?).....
Cycling proficiency,
50 yds swimming
Oh, and City & Guilds,
Oh, and CIOB,
Oh, and CITB Mangement Cert’.