Which render on a bungaroosh wall?

H Walker

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I have and end of terrace house in Brighton built in 1847. There are a few cracks in the render that are causing a damp issue internally. My house is bungaroosh and it is very unlikely that whatever render is currently on there is lime based. My question is this, does the existing render need to be hacked off and a lime/breathable render applied? Isn't this incredibly risky? I don't want my house to fall down!
Can anyone give me advice on the best course of action or even recommend anyone?

Bungaroosh that horrible s**t mixed with sand salts stones bricks wood flip flops 2pence coins carrier bags I would of thought a lime render is the only option but god knows @themucky1
Yes a lime render with a breathable paint would help your damp situation
Depending on how strong mix of render is currently on the building will affect the damage done to the bungaroosh beneath. Extra dubbing out or more than one scratch coat may be required
I'm not a rendering expert, but I think your best bet might be to fill the cracks with SBR and then render over the top with some type of thin coat system with mesh. If you hack it off there is no guarantee your gable end wouldn't collapse. the render is probably holding it together.

A group of residents face a bill for tens of thousands of pounds after insurers ruled a botched repair job had left their homes at risk of collapse.

Beyond repair

According to the leaseholder, who did not wish to be named, the builder employed “two lads” to remove the render from the old bungaroosh walls.

He said: “They just attacked it with pneumatic drills. No wonder they destroyed it.”

When surveyor Philip Goacher examined the College Road flats, he found the work by the builders employed by Mr Packwood had left the wall beyond repair.

And when insurance investigators from B Maule and Company came to visit, they came to the same conclusion and blocked the claim, leaving the leaseholders with a repair bill of more than £120,000.