Which flow test measuring ring do you currently use for liquid screeding?

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There are 4 permitted types of measuring ring in the British Standard.
  1. 30mm cylinder 50mm high
  2. 68mm cylinder 35mm high
  3. 65mm cylinder 40mm high
  4. truncated cone, top 70mm diameter, bottom 100mm diameter, 60mm high.

1-3 look cheap and 4's quite expensive.:confused:

Does it matter which is used? And which one does anyone use currently?

Thanks in advance.
Tried the suppliers already and no-one know for sure, but all roads appear to lead to CCF & and option 4 at £273+delivery+VAT.

Just wondered what everyone else was doing and if there was a cheaper way.
How many m² do you want done goooner59? Gowith, we put 10m³ cube down today and I asked the lafarge driver about testing, he said some do and some don't! Looked good when we had laid 200m² by 10.15am.
the only screed test that i have seen is the slide hammer test usually done after 21 days. depending on what quality of screed the customer is paying for.
I had my test kit given to me by Lafarge, the cone and the board, god knows where they get the price you stated above.
I also test every load, as it differs all the time, some times especially in the summer months the liquid can get stodgy if its travelled a long way,we add 6 litres of water for every cubic mtr on the truck for every 10mm the liquid is away from the green ring on my board, seems to work.
If the liquid is too stiff its harder to get flat and the air stays in it, or comes out slowly and causes small eruptions in the surface.

Hope this helps. Its always worth checking the load arrives in spec as a dry load may affect the finish quality and a wet load will lead to problems such as extended drying times, excess laitence etc etc
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