Which board for bathroom to be tiled? skim?

Apologises if this is classed ash more of a tiling question, but I'd imagine alot of you guys board up before a tiler comes in so with that in mind

I'm about to start on the bathroom, plan is to rip it all out (bath, toilet and sink) then take the plasterboard walls down as they old and crap, re-board walls, fit new bath etc, then tile all walls + floor, ceiling will be over-boarded and skimmed unless I'm advised against that,

Firstly, is that the order you guys would do it in? if not, which order?

Big question is probably the most annoying
as I keep reading so many different things! - which board should I use to tile onto? some say normal board then skim and tile onto that, others say normal without skim but pva seal, others say aqua board, others say no. UGH

There won't be a shower, just a bath

Tiles are approx 25kg a pack/m2

Huge thanks in advance


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Cement board in any wet areas. If fully tiling don't bother skimming it. Oh and tank it in the wet areas
cement boards, are they those aqua ones? tank them also? thanks


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Tiling questions are fine we have a new tiling section now pal:RpS_thumbup:
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Just like cassie said mate I've always used the hardi board but like he said moisture resistant everywhere else


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Gunna be run off ur feet with this new section cassie .... Hope u no what u got ur self in for lol


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Get a tanking kit also in the joins and corners for thirty quid its a false economy not to


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Never been sure about tiling straight on to MR even though ive done it Cassie as you are not supposed to skim straight onto them unless you Gyprime first because there is some kind of coating on them that makes them moisture resistant so skim apparently wont take to it properly so I assume neither will tile adhesive? personally I think normal boards are good enough if it is being fully tiled but even in a shower area if it is being tanked.


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Does mate, I give the customer the options and the costs and the risks and leave it with them.
I use Knauf aquapanel in wet areas..ie.. shower and bath area, then I would use M/R boards everywere else, tile straight onto both.. rip bathroom and boards out...re board... ist fix plumbing.. tile... then 2nd fix plumbing.. silicone up... thats how I usually work..
Does mate, I give the customer the options and the costs and the risks and leave it with them.
Exactly as Cassie said!

always best to do as Lucius says as well when they say HOW MUCH! Always offer the "Correct" job and explain what and why.

See link to Knauf Aquapanel Interior literature - ISSUU - Knauf Aquapanel Interior by Knauf

Good Luck!
thanks guys, much appreciated. As there won't be a shower, aqua panel around bath area then mr boards.. then tank all boards or? and no plastering just tile onto them..

The tiles are heavy, is it worth chucking a few extra studs in while the rooms stripped bare?

Many thanks again
Cassie the tiles are approx 25kg per pack and 1 pack is pretty much 1mq so should be OK then?

Yup, no shower.. we are fitting one of those taps on the new bath which has a shower head thing but not an actual shower.

So with this scenario in mind, you think just reboard entire room with MR boards, and tile onto them? no tanking or anything?

Which tile adhesive and grout would you use in a bathroom mate? same for floor and walls? thanks
Cheers Cassie, just gave me a shed load of info over the phone , it's all making sense now many thanks, I'll come to this training day too what a great idea
Hi Guys

I don;t know about tiling onto MR boards.... but most domestic tiles that get fitted are no more than 32kg/m2.

Knauf Aquapanel Interior has a max weight limit of 50kg/m2 tile weight when fixed to Knauf studs at 600mm ctrs - this weight can be increase slightly, but will involve checking loads and studs / centres.... Contact Knauf to qualify with heavier tiles.


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As for tanking its a relatively new concept, not knocking it but it is belt and braces ive seen a few showers tiled on to standard board and never failed and come the day when the tiles are tired it is relatively cheap to replace the plasterboard as well you would never save the tanking ripping the tiles of personally I think tanking is only worthwhile on a first floor bathroom so if there is a failure there wont be ceiling damage etc but that should not happen if the jobs been done properly just my thoughts like as I said previously I give the customers the options.
Hi Ryan

Knauf Aquapanel Interior is available 1200x900mm (usually from DIY outlets and merchants off the shelf) and 2400x900mm for larger commercial projects

If installed horizontally, in a brick formation, the studs can be at 600mm ctrs. If installed vertically (more common when fitting drywall boards) the studs need to be at 450mm ctrs for the 900mm wide board.

Either orientation and stud centre will be OK for 50kg/m2
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