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BG unofficially compared storing plaster that’s in short supply for the next short supply as not working when you’re busy and to start back working when you’re not @plasmaniac , have you a no. For your carer?


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My mate... fat bloke down the pub,..seems to be doing alright out of the Irish gear...no probs with pallets..,he swears by it,..but everyone prob knows this no??
Many a thread!!


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I’d buy a couple if I could get it
Jokes aside,I don’t plaster nomore..but f**k what all the lads are going through,headache..
But I’m only going on his word,he’s getting pallets,I’m sure he said it works out about £11 I ish quid a bag(might be wrong,don’t shoot the messenger)...I’ve seen many a thread on it on here about it...
the Irish must be lapping it up..lol,prob thinking stupid c**ts,..couldn’t sell it for love nor money to our lot!!


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I've not had any problems getting any. Just lucky I guess. Dropped into Wickes in Birkenhead Wednesday and they had three pallets. Had a phone call off B and Q Wallasey yesterday afternoon to say they'd had a delivery and to get down there before eight to take ten away before they put it on the shelves this morning for the public. Didn't take any from either because I've got forty something multi in the garage already and about twenty carlite ultra. Did pop into B and Q about 7 am for some PVA and it was something out the wild west. Some old dear about 70 with five multi in a trolley, a young pregnant girl in a shell suit putting ten in a hatchback. Unbelievable. Funny enough I went to TP Sandhills to get some DRI Coat and they didn't have anything. Or so they said.