where do I start......

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reskims can be a bit testing. he reckons he got through nine bags, which for a room that size is a lot.
reskims can be a bit testing. he reckons he got through nine bags, which for a room that size is a lot.
What he doesn't tell you is about the 3 bags he had to throw away from mixing up to much & not been able to get it all on :RpS_wink:
I know thats not the best video out there but the guy aint THAT bad considering all the comments hes getting on youtube, **** me 99% of the people commenting are talking complete s**t, what is it with people on youtube vids always slating others but are too afraid to stick their own vids up! It doesnt matter how good you are there will always be someone out there to tell you you're doing it wrong! the world is one pathetic place for of know it alls that know nothing!

Walking round with a Trowel and a hawk when trowling up is a bit weird though, nice cake!
it was when he was using his skimming trowel in the bucket when knocking up that worried me but hey.....
What frustrates me is when people **** about. Get it on and get it trowelled up. Can't stand watching spreads who mess about with it on the wall
I noticed that too Danny, bit mad that! Those comments from people though 'you only fixed the beads with finish and not any fixings?' (since when do people nail skim beads onto a brick wall?!

'i would have done that all in one big set, two max blah blah blah' ******* keyboard warriors!

Beddy you're right there, half of plastering is knowing when to leave it alone!
Either way i wish all my customers fed me like that! Bern made shepherds pie once for lunch by some old bird, best ever!
What's his user name on here then Danny? Come on spill the beans you must know and I can't work out who as it could be one of many. Eileens cake did look very nice.
not knockin the geezer , but would have thought he would put on more than just the ceilin , hard to tell but only looks bout 15 sqm ? .And that drill!! each to there own but i could not use that .
Yeah - using the trowel like that in the gorilla tub isn't pretty. I like it at 3.25 where he's wiping it backwards............"Tim is a master plasterer & can work simultaneously with two floats":RpS_crying:
''It will take 2 hours to do the ceiling''............It will take him 2 hours to to knock the fooking gear up with that drill !. He had some bonding work to do, he should have done that first, so it was going off, ready to skim, then skim the lot in two sets.
i know i,m new to the forum and shouldnt criticize but blimey. if he turned up with that drill i wouldnt let him start.And cleaning around the bucket with his trowel! Do yous reckon he's got a knick in his trowel he only pulls it towards him.
And that customer would have done my head in - them braces are quite fetching:RpS_scared:

I would have been throwing more water at him than the ceiling til he fu*ked off:RpS_thumbup:
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