Whats the right PVA mix??

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Chris Fowler

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Hi folks..

New to the foum but would be grateful for some advice from the great and the good.

Pretty new to plastering... and I cant even say plastering really as I only do skimming at the moment!

Anyway, im getting myself confused about the right mix for PVA and I know much of it is down to experience, but I wanted to ask if there is a golden rule so to speak.

Im skimming a bedroom later this week. Walls are painted with normal matt emulsion and want to make sure I get it right. PVA ive got say 5:1 (water to PVA) and when its dried 1:3 (water to PVA). I guess I should just follow their advice, but ive seen different people saying different things.

Ultimately I know I will just need to grow a pair and get on with it and no doubt opinions from experience will vary, but thought I would ask the question anyway...

Thanks folks



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For me just one coat of pva is normally sufficient, have no idea on ratio I just mix it with water to a rough 4/5-1

If the pva dries really quickly give it another coat, but if it’s tacky after 15mins or so just get the gear on.


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Unifinish,pva is old hat ,buy a pallet of unifinish,you won't be sorry .
Buy a Xmas bonus ball ,5 left ,just in case


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To add, you will be sorry make no mistake about that. Avoid avoid avoid unifinish.


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It’s personal preference really mate, it all comes with experience and how you like having it. Also different brands are a different thickness to start off with, so to say a certain mix ratio is gospel is bullshit. Good luck!!! (If you want a tip mate just make sure it’s not too thick!).


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I like mine to be somewhere between full fat milk and single cream, thin enough to be spreadable thick enough to strong enough