Whats the difference


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So why the need for permashape are they better
Extralite was the original plastering trowel by marshalltown in UK. Permashape was introduced later.
I Now use a marshalltown duraflex a straight trowel with a tiny bit of flex with a wooden handle.
The latest one is a permashape duraflex with a standard marshalltown handle.
It is down to personal choice.


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Although I’ve had a few over the years and still have kicking around, I don’t like permashapes as they have that curved blade and a 13” (for example), ends up only having about 11” contact with the surface. I get laying on doesn’t leave lines at the toe & heel with perma but 30years ago all MT were straight…never had a problem.


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The Permashapes are great trowels, I've been using them for about fifteen years now. Don't be put off by the curve, slightest pressure on the wall or ceiling and it's back to flat.
Stainless or Carbon, what’s your preference?