What's a fair price for dab & skim per m2

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depends on the areas (sizes of walls , not where job is, lol), if its private work i would look at the job and price it according to how long it will take
ffs how many days x how much u want per day plus the cost of materials....why complicate?

m2 rates are only relevant for site work where you have runs and longetivity of work...

all your going to do is drive down the price of the job against the next man....

jesus extensions are hardly commercial premises with massive corridors, walls with scisserlifts and humpeen levels to go at!!!!
Well if I said I want £300 a day I can't see people paying that! But if you do a agreed m2 price for ongoing work I've only gotta do 70m2 skimming to earn £300. It's people doing silly day rate Los driving the price down kidda!!

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If its large newbuild extensions and there is 70m2 for you to go at you be ok. Board and dab 25 boards on day 1 £4m2x70=£280 then skim 7 bags day 2 £4m2x70=£280. be hard days them though and dont forget the patchin were they knock through. Even if it runs into 3 days its £180 a day. Happy days if you can get it
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