what you do ????

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Hi Lads

Just been ripped off to the tune of £3000 by some one i have done work for in the past

we just got the end of a job plastering and painting a large house we over boarded a room with down lights and went in to the loft to drill down to replace the lights and on friday the owner came up to us and told us that there was £2500.00 in the loft and it had gone now i was the only one in the loft and it was full of boxes we did go back today to finish painting 1 windo that we could not get done only to b meet by two police officers that aressted me on the suspicion of theft and i was taken to the station after 6 hours i was let out with out charge only to b told that i was not going to get paid what would u do ?????


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If they have no evidence that you were the thief, then they should be no reason not to pay you.

Where you let out due to no evidence, or did you prove you didn't take it?
hi mate
it was becouse of no evidence becouse the home owner could not prove that the money was even there thing is on friday the lady told me that becouse thay have emptyed the rooms for us to plaster that her son has no idea where the money went and it was in a plastice wallet but the husband has told the police that it was in the loft in a white envelope and it was defiantly in the loft just feel i have be set up as the police told me that thay are going to go though there insurance to get the money back just feel sick


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I'd see a solicitor/take them to small claims, too much money to put down to experience.

Just treat it as a non-paying customer, if police have no evidence and you didn't take the money, there is no reason for you not being paid.

Hope you get it sorted


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Agree with mac, take it small claims and put your case forward. Sounds like you've been shafted. If you have done the work and are owed what you say then fight them tooth and nail. Never heard of anything like it. Best of luck
it has taken me 10 yers to build my busness with the painting side taking off now there is no way i would put all that hard work at risk feel gutted as we have done a lot of work for these people in past and have been left in the house loads of times with no problems really feel like i have been set up i have a phone appontment on monday with ower solictors to see what we can do about it thing is thay have a large safe in the house bolted to the bloody floor why not put the money in there i have told the police this but thay where not intrested as this faimly are very well to and do run a lot of business in the area thay live but will c what happens on monday


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You dont need a solicitor . Take out a summons in the small claims court.You probably have a verbal contract but what better whitnesses to the fact it exists than thepolice that the muppet called to say you had worked at their house


These are two separate affairs. Theft is one, which is dealt with by the five o. Your let out UN charged, end of that affair. Next is invoice dispute. Speak to Barry Ashmore at street wise subbie he's very clued up on unpaid invoices. I would skip the solicitor for now, go online with the court, pay fourth kwid and start proceedings backed up with your quote, invoice and any lab an material invoices in case they actually let it go to court, most don't wen they realise they will be stumped with your legal fees also wen u win, which u will. The court will have zero interest in the fact that they reckon they may or may not have stashed 2.5k in the loft. In fact if they run there Own businesses I'd be interested in the accountancy for that cash.


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I wonder how the police found grounds to arrest you, very unfair as you had a legal right to be there, you can't just point at people and have them arrested, a tradesman has a lot to lose if the word goes around that he was suspected of theft,people will believe what they believe, it stinks especially as you are more out of pocket than they are, might be an dea to email them your view on this and your intentions and assurances that you are an innocent party, they may see sense and honour the money due to you. Best of luck


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This is my worst nightmare working in folks homes, if word gets out about it it could ruin you, charges or not. You have to keep fighting for money owed cause if you don't would be like admitting guilt. I've had to say to customers before to remove designer watches and rings that have been lying around in bathrooms, trust my lads completely but more often than not there's more than one trade in and wouldn't like to be accused of anything. Some good advice above.


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I have done the same mate. Working away and go into kitchen for a bucket of water and 50 quid on the side.

Just ask the client to move it is always the best thing to do.
hi lads we have had to tell people to remove goods i have 4 lads working for me and two sups never had a proplem but who would think of anything being hidden in a loft am going to chase the money but not becouse it would look i was in the wrong if i let it go but becouse am not going to be tret like this like said this can kill a my business these people know a lot of lads that are working round my area and like i said i have worked to hard to build my self up to be nocked down by people like this thanks for all the support lads


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Chase your coin. But in the meantime. .....
. it'll make you feel. better ..:RpS_thumbsup: .....


Contact your public liability insurance and they will send an agent out to start proceedings. Its what you pay them for.


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i would not have gone up in the loft in the first place. we make a plan of the position of the lights and cut the plasterboard before we skim, from the room that we are working in.
has the loft been emptied ?
does the person who placed the money in the loft remember where abouts in the loft the money was placed? and what a stupid place to put money.
i would not fanny about at a small claims court either , £3,000. i would issue a high court writ, and placing a claim on their property until the money and charges are paid in full. i would explain this to the customer if payment was not made on completion.


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thats the worst get out of paying i ever heard!!! invoice em then go to debt collectors and get advice, they ring me atleast 1 a month asking if im owed money, thankfully im not (well not counting the bloody tax man eh).
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