What type of plaster is this?

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Had a door frame taken out today and had this wallpaper damage/hole in plaster behind it. Can anyone tell from my photo what type of plaster it is? My original plan was to take down all wallpaper in the hall/stairs/landing, and get a plasterer to skim over, but not sure if I should maybe go back to brick instead.


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haha, thanks for the monkey hug! you might be right on the float and set (after I googled it, I know nothing about plastering!). it is super thick on top of the brickwork. so i should be able to get the same plasterer to skim everything but also make good patches like that which have crumbled?

obviously i don't know how all the plaster is, since the halls/stairs/landing have really tall walls here and all the wallpaper is over everything, but im hoping most of it is ok and just bits like that are damaged due to a door frame previously being drilled into it.