what render to use near log burner

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hi all,
soon to fit log burner inside chimney - would like clean rendered finish - can you recommend what type of plaster to use to deal with the excessive heat?

We've been advised to use S&C as we did one for a customer years ago. Though since then seam to remember someone telling us of a product that you can use but can't remember what it was.
Its a shame BC pulled high alumina cement from thier range. Worked well in high temerature scenarios.
We have used something for fires (just remembered), it was a heavy cement based premixed powder you just added water to - didn't spread vey well. Was a dark grey colour. The customer supplied it as the people that were fitting the fire specced it. Other than that I can't help.
i used wallcrete round this giant of a log burner, colour to clients exact spec etc stone effect,log burner.jpg
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