What is the meterage rates?

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Does any one know the meterage rates that are going? i'm part of a three gang of plasterers , myself and my partner like to get £150 a day each and we give the other fella £100 a day as hes a real good trowel himself.
We covered about 65 squarem of plasterboard both walls and couple of ceillings. walls werent large easy walls , fiddly f@%$£rs. We done two hits and didn 't lay on till 9 after putting beads on a scrimming.
Just thinking would it be worth our while trying to get site work.

Cheers for reading and any info on rates.

hmmm difficult one,

I would say on plasterboard you should be doing 3 hits a day and around 120m2

The rate that was at the emirates stadium was I think £4.25 a m2 and £2m for beads

So looking at what you do in that last post your doing ok.

Site work is horrible just toshing it on.... bot good there is definiately more money in domestics

Hope this is of some help?

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