What are the general signs

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Of frost damage to a screed/render that is outside ?? and are there test's that can be carried-out to establish if there has in-fact been damage ? thanks guys for all replies ......
Usually pitting and /or surface deteriation, like the 'skin' has popped off :RpS_thumbup:
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For frost to cause damage, water needs to present in the brickwork to blow the scratch coat, in the scratch coat to blow the float coat or in the float coat to blow the finish coat. When i say "blow" i mean de-laminate from the previous application or coat. If you have used waterproofer and the job has fully cured (fully dried) then there is no reason why it should blow. Obviously we dont work in conditions when frost is due, but if we have to then we take full precautions and protect our work with hessian and bubble wrap etc.

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oops!!! just realised this discussion is about a floor screed and not render. Also the post is nearly a month old. I need to utilize my saturday nights more i think lol
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