West yorkshire , labourer/apprentice wanted

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Hello all im looking for an apprentice/labourer to teach/train to plaster as well as labouring for me, if your willing to work hard and live in west Yorkshire area, and drive, give me a email
Try gumtree pal you'll be inundated mostly with helmets like but still lol
im after someone with a bit of clout bud, I've had a few dimwits and haven't got the patience anymore, must be my age lol, jobs hard enough without wondering wats next :RpS_scared:
im on my 3rd in 2 month, not been really young either 25yrs plus and they have done courses ,big shock when you show them real world on price :RpS_blink:
hi casplas
good look with search - you might be better with the over forties:RpS_scared::RpS_lol:
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