Welcome Message Ideas....

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Hello guys,

In the welcome message that gets sent to every new member it was suggested by a few members that we put important information in it about the forum....

SO any suggestions as what I need to put?

I was thinking along the lines of

Introduce yourself here first ---> point to plasce to meet and say hello section

If you are a DIY plasterer have a look here ---> DIY Section

If you are a new plasterer wanting to get into the trade

Any other ideas?



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1) Read a thread from start to finish before posting
2) All new mebers MUST introduce them selves within 5 posts if not bye bye


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What about - Make sure you check the date of the original post on a thread,
As replying to a 3 year old thread saying: "Av ya stil got dat wurk m8"
Makes you look like a bit of pillock!!


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How about a warning to members of the public looking for advice....... something like 'please be advised that some of the language used is akin to that used in the pub or on site, with no offence intended' :RpS_thumbup:


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please do a search for your answer has it may have already been posted

id have had a look to see if anyone else has already suggested this but i couldnt be bothered:RpS_drool:
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