Webber Prall over rend aid


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Hi All, Just looking for some opinions on a Webber Pral job,
I’ve been plastering over 35 years and do I few decent sized rendering jobs throughout the year, I’m mostly a traditional sand and cement renderer and do mostly this but have taken on a few jobs with the Webber Pral lately and most of the time come out a nice job,
I currently have a job to do on some garden retaining walls 1 meter high which are still in very good condition for a 20 year old property, No water damage or anything coming through as you sometimes Get with retaining walls , The bricks are a smooth faced Engeneering brick which I plan to rend aid first to adhere to these smooth faced bricks, Then a few days later apply the Webber Pral, , Planning to use 15mm beads ,
Do many of you on here use the Pral over rend aid and what do you think? I use it a lot for backing costs on smooth brick on traditional sand and cement jobs and find it a great product that also gives you a nice working time to rub up your top coat , Haven’t really used a lot under the Webber stuff but needs must on this job, As mentioned the walls are all in great condition and solid so would you recommend a mesh ? And could this be spread into the rend aid ? then and scratched before the Webber , Never used mesh with the rend aid before so just wondering if anyone had ?


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I often rend aid , mesh then lay on a tight coat of rend aid to give a decent scratch. if a float finish I top with OCR. For a mono finish I use Krend it applies better by hand.


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Thanks Malc, I find the rend aid a good product for most uncertain brickwork including smooth faced bricks but never used it with mesh , Will give it a go .

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There is no better product than rend aid for this type of thing it's really good and yes of course you can bed mesh in with it
Another alternative is to paint a grit over the bricks there's a good few on the market now you don't always need to mesh it either but it is good practice