We need a plasterer to teach us plastering in France

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We are 2 builders based in the South of France and we want to start plastering. We are looking for someone who would be prepared to come over to France for a week and teach us. We will pay for the flights, pick you up from the airport, put you up and feed you whilst you are here. We are situated west of Perpignan (between the pyrenees ski resorts and the mediterranean, close to the border with Spain).

Send me an email if you are interested

Joking aside , great opportunity for a young fella this, i think spunky may be your man , Rich may cost you more in food so may not be feasible for him to go over, i'm sure you will find somebody gents if only i was a bit younger ;D
Hiya, I'm a 22 year old plasterer currently working self employed in South Wales, I'd be really interested in coming out to france for week if your still looking for someone.

Let me know

Thanks Dan
what aspects would you like to learn??? a week wont teach you a lot to be honest.

I consume hell of a lot of food so as warrior rightly said it could cost you a small fortune to import me in :)
;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
Yes lads it might be a good idea to list what aspects you would like help with , and then see what response you get
Thanks to everyone for your replies.

Generally we do renovations of old village houses and occasionally we are asked to do an extension. The majority of the time we use plasterboard, fill the joins and sand down which is common practice in this area. However occasionally we are asked to skim a wall or ceiling and plasterboard is not an option. As neither of us have any experience of plastering, we have lost jobs that we could have done had we known how to plaster.

When we try to plaster we never end up with a good flat surface and we always struggle with trowel lines. We don't know if this is due to the materials we are using, the tools we are using or the techniques we are employing or a combination of all of them.

We don't expect to be experts after one week but if we can smooth plaster a wall to an acceptable standard this will give us the confidence to take on jobs that include a few square meters of plastering.
Hi Richard

If you are serious send us an email and we will send you the details.

PS my favourite brothel is next to Girona airport 8)
well whoever goes it all needs to be planned properly IE: what tools do you have there ??? what practice areas do you have ??? what materials can you supply ??? etc etc.

rich :)
What brand is the local beer ??? can you get a chicken tikka, ??? is breakfast served in bed ??? meticulous planning that's what is required ;D
Agreed ..... being the novices, we will need to be guided as to what tools and materials we need. We have trays, buckets, trowels and floats, we can supply as much plaster as is needed and in terms of training surfaces - what would be recommended? If necessary, we can knock up a block wall or a chipboard screen - whatever is needed. We have plenty of space.

We don't want to waste your time or ours :)

If you want to find out a bit about the area we are in, I can supply links. Accommodation is your choice - either at a friend's holiday home or at my house. My wife is an excellent cook and does a good curry but I'm not sure she'll serve breakfast in bed. ::) The wine, if you're into it, is great. ;) but they don't know how to pull a pint - they don't even know what a pint is come to think of it ;D
if i was single or haqd no work on i would swipe your hand off for a free holiday, good luck but let us know if you choose anyone coz there are a lot of charlatans knocking about int that right simple ;)
Well first of all I would suggest you both buy some QUALITY plastering tools,,, hawk, skimming and rendering trowel, bucket trowel, some small tools, brushes, buckets of various sizes, scratcher, straight edges, drill for mixing etc etc.

As for areas you could do with knocking up some block walls of about 10m2 so you can practice rendering, dot and dab, hardwall skimming etc.

As I have said you need to find out what plaster you can get in Frace as they all work differently, its no good someone comming to teach you but it takes them 2 days to suss out how to use the local gear !

you need a good worn in trowel for finishing ....gangstas selling some id get in there quick skimming trowels are very rarely up for grabs ;)
Beware anyone who goes out most French plasters like Spanish do not perform like ours and anyone with no local knowledge could mug themselves of .
Lucius is right - I've just read the following link http://www.totalfrance.com/france/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4360 I've never skimmed (successfully) in my life so I don't know the differences between English and French plaster but it sounds like the French stuff doesn't handle the same as English stuff. We might be barking up the wrong tree unless anyone is familiar with the plaster used over here (Lafarge Plafer 901 or Lutece - I have tried both and found them to be pretty similar)? :-\
sounds a bit intense this have you stumbled across a potential get rich quick opportunity? I have lads working for me and none of them are this enthusiastic. surely you can get training in france from a genuine source ??
as i said use one coat plaster its a doddle and goes on boards as well as block work... as your novices this will get you a reasonable finish for now... put it on.... leave it 20 mins... flatten in with spatular and trowel.... leave it 1/2 hour.... soak it.... rub up with sponge to bring fat/glut up.... leave it... then give it a trowel up... if any probs with lines etc... sponge up again then flatten off... you can get away with one coat plaster as this is made to be soaked with water and sponged... also it is widley available in france and cheap... about €3-5 a bag...

just remember the ancient plasterers adage old chap... (Plaster is like a penis.... the more you play with it.... the harder it gets old boy) :eek:
I look you need last August a plaster in France you have finde one I am a plasterer live in Uk and I donne lots work in France, Is possible to contact me and have a chat we you, parle vou Franses, Espanole muy bueno, o anche Italiano
I look for a Company in France were the use internal plastering and external insulation render and other Building materials hare Company look to set up in the France and start regions to regions if you interested let me no
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