Water ingress stone cottage


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My ground floor is about 1ft below the pavement level. It’s a stone cottage that has no dpc. Internally over the years lime plaster has been patched with modern plaster, trapping the moisture. I have hacked off all the modern plaster and will have it lime plastered once I treat the damp. My cottage is a semi and one wall is the back of my neighbours fireplace. This area also has the same problem.
How can I eliminate the problem as I cannot reduce the external ground level? I am trying to do the right thing by the cottage, lime plaster, clay paint. My budget is not huge but I’m looking for a permanent solution.
Any advice would be appreciated.



As you cannot reduce the ground level and presumably that means also cannot drain or do anything to prevent lateral penetrating damp externally therefore your options a very limited, lime plaster will allow the wall to breath/dry , a dehumidifier will assist in this. Long term l think its just a case of wait and see