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I have been involved with the trade since 16 years old (now 34) but mainly done plasterboarding and patching, until I moved to Australia for 10 years. While there I worked as a plasterer, but they only set the joints with machines or by hand.
I moved back to UK last December and have been doing odd jobs here and there, but found clients want plaster over whole wall/ceiling. So I did an intensive plastering course and the college were very happy with my workmanship. I know that I can skim but also know that there is always room for improvement.

I am looking for work all the time but would like to work for somebody to further my skills, so if there is anyone looking for a hard working very keen helper in the Birmingham area, then I am your man.
Please reply to me here and then we go from there.
Regards Ian.
There won't be domestic work for a boarder/tape jointer you want to be on building sites mate
hi ien. the last thing u want to do on this site is say u did a plastering course. and u can skim its not the same thing in the real world. i hope u can get work off a good plasterer to show u how it is really done. best of luck
I have been using a trowel for ages, course helped, have been working in the real world, just wanted to get speed up really, thanks for the replies, also been there done that on building sites for many years.
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