Wanted g4

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I didnt think you bothered with G4 and ritmos and the like Ryan ??

G4 isa good machine mate and you always have the PFT loyals who wont want another brand, we don't do new but offer used and also have some in the Hire fleet. We don't bother with the Ritmo though
Its a existing customer of ours, he is asking for £2000.00 for the machine and pipes etc.

Please let me know if you need any more info or would like to speak to the owner directly

Looks a gud deal that plasterman bet u cud get it down to £1800..wat sort of life Time wise do you get out of a machine like that?
Cheers Ian, I was hoping to find something a little newer with less miles under its belt. Well I'm hopefull anyway ha.
@scogs ive got a used g4 light and genplus genny ready to go. I can put a little starter package together if u like. Ifs a cracker. Have a look at Facebook/pftwales its on there
Just out of pure interest that g4 at £2000 runs off a generator
How much are the generators?