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Hi can any one tell me if I can skim over a chimney breast using vitcas heat proof plaster I have used it many times around the whole in the wall fire , it is block work at the moment so I am going to use the heat proof render around the fireplace where it states on the vitcas website but I was thinking for the rest of the chimney breast I could use 5:1:1 sand, cement and lime blend it it to the heat proof screed then I was thinking to skim the whole chimney breast with the heat proof plaster ( skim) over the sand cement and lime
or should I plaster the whole chimney breast with the heat proof screed and then just skim over the whole breast using the heat proof plaster its just that he heat proof screed it a pain to use in large area hop this makes Sence , many thanks , Michael


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yeah it is quite hard to do :-\I managed it in the past by lashing a tonne of water at it and working my nuts off :-/
my customer wanted a paintable surface & it's not achievable with Victas - the product was "a recommend" from the fire installers - & came from them - I removed it in the end & used slm /skim instead


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Has anyone ever had skim come off around a stove because of the heat? I know it's always said it will blow the skim but I've personally never heard of it happening or seen it so just curious to hear from others.


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It won't blow around a stove, but will blow if there is a flue exiting into a wall, it will blow around the flue pipe, or if said pipe is too close to a wall that is skimmed

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