Very small straps under lath and plaster. How to go about boarding it?


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Hi Folks

Thanks for any assistance in advance. I am in the process of removing the badly cracked lath and plaster ceiling in my kitchen to put up plasterboard in its place.

With the lathes removed it's clear that they were nailed to quite small straps spanning across the joists, rather than to the joists themselves. The ceiling space is a bit more shallow than I thought it would be as I was planning to add some insulation.

Is this type of construction fairly common and should I simply aim to screw the plasterboard to the small straps rather than the joists? Or is it better to try and use longer drywall screws that will grab the joists (leaving the straps in place) with a gap inbetween. If I was to remove the straps to screw to the joists it will leave quite a large gap around the edges as it will then sit a lot higher.

There are some sections along the edges and the corners where there is no material that I can screw into. Should I aim to add some more timber across the joists that I can secure the boards to or will that be enough to secure it without movement?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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And just screw into the strapping without any extra timber? or aim to screw it at the crosses of the straps and the joists?