Venetian stucco contrast !


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Hello, I am new to the Venetian stucco application, I have been making samples for a few days but I did not achieve a contrast in the material, the procedure is as follows:
1. A layer of white Venetian stucco, on MDF with sealant.
2.A layer of blue Venetian stucco.
3.A final layer of Venetian stucco of the same polished blue color
4. wax wax

The contrast is minimal and I would like to achieve something like in the video, I see that he covers the entire surface with generous layers of material, try applying a layer on a white background and achieve better contrast but I don't know if it is the right process, listen to it To say that the first base coat is the most important thing, I would like to know what the procedure is, I would be very helpful with your advice.

Thank you all !!


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I’m a beginner myself but first of all, the guy in the video you posted is terrible. The guy below from Italy is an absolute master...

Not sure if you’re going for the same effect but he puts the white contrast layer on top of the blue layer; that way it stands out more: