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Drunken nights on ebay :D
You have to pay upfront to bid , £500 , car auction site
So I was watching several vans going through , all a bit posh for my taste ,and up pops this minibus and I was scrolling up and down to check the details and a lovely orange box appeared to inform me I was the highest bidder , no opt out or confirm button
Green box and its mine ,,,please pay £2400 .
I knew none of the details apart from it was ex council and was only scrolling down to ckeck if it was 25,000 on the clock , or was it 250,000.
When I clicked to refresh the page it had been automatically removed from website
I only found out today it was 25,000 , the moral of this tale is , don't use a cracked phone on a bidding site , even if mind altering substances aren't involved , which they were not , perhaps , maybe , possibly