Utiform V2


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Hi all good evening, new to this so bare with. Buying a utiform V2 for liquid screed, any thing to look for when buying and has anyone used one for liquid screed. It’s a 3 cylinder one


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On a d26 r@s will do 100 litres a min. Don't know if you can get faster one. I only do render with my machines. Should do some screeds with them.


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I bought my v2 new in 2010. As with most 3 cylinder diesels there bomb proof, not much to go wrong really.
How much more do you need to pump ? I mainly used mine for rendering, try and get one with the built in pressure washer there a godsend, but I did use it for gyvlon screeds when I first got it, it handed it fine it will do sort of 10 tonne an hour, which is fairly going some at 30mm ish thickness over under floor heating.
A v3 has a 4 cylinder engine.