utiform v2 spraying site mix sand cement

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hi guys any one there have any experence with the utiform v2?
ime pretty sure they are very good at spraying site mix sand and cement but looking some confirmation before i buy.
a friend of a friend has told me he uses his putzmeister sp11 for nothing else, with no fancy mixes just plane plastering sand liquid waterproofer/plasterciser and cement and they are baseakley the same machine right?
Spray it wetter than you think and be carefull not to get stones in the sand, should go ok, done it a few times.
We run diesel and electric machines but the diesel are the ones to pump site mix. Utiform V2, Putzmeister SP11 & Turbosol Pro H that we have owned are all the same. They all have a hydraulic Worm pump what you can control the pumping speed. You may need to prime the hoses at the start as they block very easy.
yep, ive got a utiform v2 and an sp11.
the utiform, you add your gauging water direct to the hopper so it can be modified.
no issues using sand and cement, the r+s will take up to 8mm grain anyhow, although we do very little sand cement work these days.
and yes theres very little between them, cost wise or using day to day.
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