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This is sooze, she has just completed the plastering element of skill build and won! Massive congratulations to her for all the hard work and dedication she has put in to achieve her goals! Considering she only started in september this is a great achievement for her and just goes yo show what a girl can do in a male dominated industry! Well done Sooze! Danny I recon this girl should at least be sporting a tpf t-shirt mate ;)


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No... thats ben sherman:rolleyes)

his mum wrote it on his shirt....:RpS_thumbup:..thats nice.

PM me your size :RpS_blushing: and in my next order I will get you a shirt specially done :D

Congratulations by the way :RpS_thumbsup:
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Big congrats sooze and keep up the good work! PS which one was the fluffer !!?? :RpS_sneaky:


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Thanks guys! Danny will do now!!! Hopefully I'm getting some sort of apprentice scheme sorted by a bloke who saw my work and wants to place me!!! X
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