Universal One Coat


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Only used knauf gear .went on a day course for machine plastering at knauf immingham plant. Gaffer sent us because we were starting a massive sports academy for Wilmot Dixon and they had to use only knauf products . There were thousands of meters on the job . We had a day on the course learning the machine and the gear . Went on the job the next day expecting a machine to be there. Gaffer said no they cost thousands and to hand apply it . He said the course was just to learn the gear . I was gutted .
Here you go, have a butchers! another totally shite product from BG.


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We used loads of this in the nineties it was ok in summer but hung too long in winter, I reckon the method we used could be replicated with the zombie mix on artex ceilings.


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I’m aware of a plasterer who uses universal all the time! I think he’s a nob personally others say he’s a right nice fella! It might be me I don’t like many people bit of a dick really But most plasterers are tbh (y)