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dont get this ufc far to violent for me,no intrest at all in it,...every violent loudmouthed yob in the country will be thinking its them ,and they can do it,which usually they can along with 4/5 mates battering some poor lad to the ground ,
tried to get the Saturday night off my work for this but it got rejected so I’ll be sitting in van all night watching this on my iPad, some cracking fights
UFC is absolutely shite thugs who are not good enough to box rugby league much tougher sport aswel.
Can’t agree with that ufc is great for guys from a martial arts background that don’t have the platform like boxers to make the big money! Trust me as someone that practiced Muay Thai for many years there’s no money in it! And the skills compared to a boxer is far superior across the board in all martial arts! And the ufc gives these guys chance to make good money so stop talking shite (y)