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Hi guy's

New to the forum. I wanted to post to see if anybody out there could help me out.

I'm 26 and live in Leeds, I've been a bus driver of various sorts for a number of years and done some general labouring from time to time in the past. But I've decided now that this is not the career path for me. After some long and careful deliberation I decided I wanted to get into plastering.
I have recently been for an assessment at Leeds Building College and have applied to start there plastering course which will be 2 and half days a week. But I have been informed that it wont start until at least January.
In the mean time I was hoping to get some experience in the trade. And even carry on once my course commences should it suit. I am not afraid of a bit of hard work and am more than happy starting with the most menial task's and learning from there.
Ideally this would need to be paid at some level but how much is open for offer, I'm happy as long as I can put food on table on clothes on my back. However I am prepared to work a week for nothing to show you what I'm made of.
I hope someone out there can help this is a trade I really want to break into and am looking for that first step. I live in Leeds but am prepared to travel to a reasonable extent.

If you can help me out or know anyone who could don't hesitate to get back in touch either by message via the forum, email at or telephone on 0781 556 5816

Thank you


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milo is now working for us and doing well,showing that this new section works. it gives me a bit of hope that not all young lads are lazy and a waste of space these days. :RpS_thumbsup:


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all lases from yorkshire have an attractive quality about them. :RpS_thumbup:

That's why I married one.
That and the fact that only a Yorkshire lass wouldn't find my male chauvinistic tendencies unacceptable:rolleyes)
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