Trainee/labourer/apprentice in Burton on Trent/Derby, can travel to surrounding areas

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I'm coming to the end of my level 2 diploma now, and whilst it's given me a good intro to the trade and the confidence in using a trowel it obviously hasn't given me much in the way of 'real' on-the-job experience. I am annoying all the local plasterers by asking for work, but all either don't have the work/funds to take anyone on, or don't have the time to let me tag along with them on a few jobs. Will keep trying, but am slowly running out of plasterers to ask.

If anyone around here is in the position to take on a trainee/apprentice, or even just a labourer please let me know. Even if you can't guarantee further work I'd really appreciate just coming along to one job and learning all I can from an experienced spread. I don't have a CSCS card yet, but if I need one then I can apply for one pronto.

I have my own transport and tools and am willing to travel out to surrounding areas. I am also a mature, hard worker, and a quick learner, so hope I will be useful to someone in exchange for learning the ropes in a proper work environment.

Thanks for your time,



I am after someone in the Derby area, got to be willing to graft though , last 2 I had from college lasted a week , call 07960309985
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