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Gotta share this , bought it from same factory I get my bi carbonated from , woman there said try some it’s good for cleaning most surfaces but especially a quick squirt on window glass and upvc , fair enough most will think Ffs what’s he on about but if you ever see one grab one for van , internal or external work when finishing/tidying up its ideal and quick, couple of squirts and a rub with a micro clothe windows , doors look brand new.And it doesn’t need water to wash it off like fairy liquid

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Or just buy a bottle of white vinegar mix at a 20% ratio with water and hey pres to, it will also work as a salt inhibitor/cleaner.
True you could do that mate , a squirty bottle above is approx £1 though , white vinegar wiped over glass smells for a few seconds but the results are brilliant, I know most on here do a good clean job anyway but if a window is a bit smeared up or dusty/dirty ish , quick squirt and literally 2 wipes over and it’s practically like the glass isn’t even there , definitely try it looks brilliant

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Might try this on that bit of foam i got.on compi door.
Little tip. If you every have a bit.of a of day at office . Little miss or summet leave place spotless n you.ll get away with it