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brrrrrrr its horrible mate :frio::frio:
I know mate, hands stuck to scaffold poles, water barrels frozen and some dick leaves the shovels in them. The misery of hand batching s&c while freezing cold water runs out of metal socket lovely.
Meanwhile at Mrs. Jones's it's toasty.


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That's true site agents look like school prevects to me these days lol
Must admit domestics are great this time of year . It was fuking brutal this morning in Burnley on site . Too top it off all the skim was full of rocks to add to the frozen hose sketch . Lovely


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Yes it ain't the greatest this time of year . Might persue some overskims if this weather keeps up
isn’t all great mate. Customer knocked up a sausage bacon n egg double decker today. But was on whole meal bread. Just knew it was gonna be one of them days after that