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A bit of float and set and skimming plasterboard. Got the ceiling tomorrow which I'm not looking forward to. Curved edges and just over 4.5 metres high. Will be dragging the scaffolding round. :rolleyes:


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loads a pics :D I will decide in the morning and it will be a lucky dip in what people get as jane will stick the labels on :D


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Ive had a horrible day, soundblock board on a stud (god that s**t is heavy) and dabbing insulated plaster all depressing for photos

Wait til you have to use the 15mm ones. [emoji51] did a flat in derby few weeks ago with them + had to go up two flights of stairs. Not good.

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Whats the point in putting pictures on if you pic the winners off a list of names. Thats a raffle! [emoji23]

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