Today's job


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i think I've been living in a cave for the past ten years as far as rendering is concerned, getting a bit more variety now I'm subbying again involved in a bagged lime job at the moment, lime scratch with mesh on to recycled timber thermal board top coat and tyrolean is the plan, got some fancy new stop bead/mesh bead for window reveals, it's got a sticky bit on the back for fixing it up and a bit you can snap off after it's been rendered to keep a tidy crisp line? Never seen them before, made a sill feature out of the thermal board.


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Could do with a change myself been dabbing and skimming for weeks bores me to death :tonto:


Window sticky beads are the bees knees. Peel the yellow tape off and your window protection sticks like s**t to a shovel to it. Thus no render on any of window

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