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Looking into a Rubi cutter, have been offered some at a good price but have a few questions..

Aside from the obvious, what's the reason for the different cutters.. for example a ts 40 and a ts 60, why would you need the 40 if you have the 60?

I've also seen a tx700 cutter, would this cover most tile types? it says it's for porcalian but will it be fine for other tile types and small tiles sometimes?

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You don't need the 40 if you've got the 60 really same breaker just a bigger cutter suppose 40 is less bulky if your only cutting small tiles. Iv got a ts 60+ and that does fine with some tough porcelain tiles Iv cut recently. Tx 700 would do as well just depends on what jobs your doin. I havnt come across many private jobs with bigger than a 600 tile thb
Thanks, makes sense. The deal feel through so I'm still looking, the tiles I just laid were 3x6 porcalin and i wasted many with bad cuts with a crappy big clanger cutter.. I'm drawn toward the tx 700 now incase I choose the same tiles for the kitchen and dina... I see the tx 700 would be ideal for them tiles but wouild it be overkill for smaller cermaic tiles or would it be great for both? not bothered about the size or weight of the cutter as It's for my own use
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I read somewhere that the ts60 struggles with porcelain tiles, any truth in that? can't see me doing owt bigger than the ones I just did, 6x3 porc.. so something that makes a nice cut on them and is also capable of smaller tiles etc
I've got a 700 and a small Rubi Pocket 50. The Pocket 50 is very handy
I would suggest you buy both if you can. That's if you are likely to be doing a fair bit of tiling.
I'll thro a spanner in the works I'd say u want to buy a sigma machine with a klick klock handle they leave rubi in a cloud of dust
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